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MOI will be remembered for his core values in uniting Kenya; says Bosire

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As Kenyans  continue mourning  the death of the second president Daniel Torotich Arap Moi , Gusii council  of elders general secretary  has joined Kenyans to send condolences to the entire family of the late and all Kenyans in general. 

According to Bosire, Moi will be remembered for his core values which are  peace ,core, and unity which has helped the country both economically and even politically.

 Bosire also noted Wise sayings from Late Moi helped Kenyans to know what to do like when he used to say  Siasa mbaya  Maisha mbaya,Mzungu hapendi mwafirika,Kenya not cohesive for Western and Ukabila utaongezeka with western democracy , ngurue anajikangaana mafuta take. 

 At the same time the secretary general said that Moi handed over leadership peacefully after being in government more than 24 years both as the Vice president and As president.

“The late Moi will be remembered  as the long serving president of the republic of Kenya , and during his regime the  economy was stable “