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Eight private schools closed in Kisii for non-compliance

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At least Eight   private schools  have been closed  down over non  registration  and poor  infrastructure  conditions during  the ongoing inspection  of non -compliance  schools. 

This was a  directive  from Education CS  Prof George  Magoha  all  schools  that are unsafe for learners to be  closed. 

Kisii county  Education  Board  Chairman   Prof  Henry Onderi  said  that some of the  schools  are  operating  illegally  even after  they  were closed   last year. 

“We closed  some of these  schools  last year , they have reopened  again  without  meeting  the  standard  requirement  of  Education  Act 2013  by the  ministry of  efucation , “Prof  said. 

He noted  that some are  operating  as day cares up  to Grade 4. 

In Kitutu Central  sub county  schools  which  were  closed  are  Nyakoe Star  light,  St Elena, Kisera,  Royal excellence, Vandony Academy    Kisii  Central  Sub county  are New  Hope,  Debted and   Destiny  Academy 

Prof  Onderi  assured  parents   pupils  will  relocate  to the  nearby  public  registered  schools. 

He said that  the  crackdown  is underway  to ensure that  there is safety on the  learning institutions. 

He said that  they are  likely  to close  more  schools  which have not acquired  what is needed by the  ministry of education . 

He said  that the  reason  of the closure  of some  schools :  are  not registered, operating in poor  infrastructure conditions, unregistered  teachers by TSC, congested, not enough  classes   and lack playground . 

He vowed that  together with  other education officials  they are  going to  write  a letter  to KNECK  so that  such schools won’t be allowed  to register  candidates  to sit  for KCPE  exams. 

He challenged   parents before  allowing  their  children  in such instutions  to liase  with   sub county  directors  and also  pay a visit  to know  much  about  them. 

“Parents  should  make a routine  to visit  where  their  children   are  learning  “he stated. 

Prof  Onderi  asked  other  schools  to meet the  required  standard so that they can  offer  quality education to the  learners  in the  region. 

He urged  security  team  not to allow   such  schools  to be opened  since they have been closed down. 

“Those who  will  be found  operating  such schools  they will   be arrested  and face the law, “he said. 

Kisii County  at least  169 schools  have   closed down  so far.