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Miruka roots for schools development as he hands over Gakero School bus

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Bomachoge Chache Mp Alfa Miruka when he handed over a school bus to Gakero Secondary in his school PHOTO/EANGIRA

Bomachoge Chache MP  Alfa Miruka  has urged  leaders to focus  and invest  on  education  matters as a way to eradicate poverty .

Speaking at  Gakero mixed  secondary school  during the  official hand  over  of the School bus   funded by the constituency kitty, the MP  said that  education would boost economic growth and hence leaders should work in harmony to promote Schoolsw welfare within the region.

“There is no more powerful link than that between an educated, skilled workforce and sustainable economic development.

 “It is an investment that makes sense now for business, for youth and for building more equitable and prosperous societies,” said  Mr Miruka. 

 Mr Miruka  said  that  there is  need for proper education and training to be given to young people to ensure they have the relevant skills to succeed in the job market.

According to  him the only way community livelihoods could be uplifted was by embracing education.

“Education yields returns than any investment and helps break the poverty chain among communities, he said 

He stated  that the bus would  be used  for education  trips  and also it would  be beneficial to the  community  at large. 

He promised  the  school  dormitory will be  completed  in the next financial  year. 

The bus that was donated

Principal   Noah  Akali  said that the school has improved  the  mean  Grade  from  2.9 to 3.97

Mr Akali  stated  that 2020 expected  mean Grade  is 5 with the school  having total  population  of 272 students . And 10 teachers  employed  by TSC  with 7 employed  by Board  of Management 

Board  of  governor’s  David  Obure  said that they support  100% transition of students . 

Mr Obure  said that with the  right  teaching staff students will pass. 

The school  has shortage  of teachers,  inadequate  library,  classrooms and laboratory. 

They called  for more  funds  to expand the boarding  facility.