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Families warned against negotiations with Child defilers

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Kisii County Commander Jebel Ngere warns families of defilement cases

Kisii County Commander Jebel Ngere PHOTO/FILE

Families negotiating for settlement of defilement and rape cases in Kisii County have been warned not knowing that they are endangering lives of the victims associated with the vice. 

Speaking to Gusii star in his office, Kisii County Commander Jebel  Ngere has asked and condemned  parents  who negotiate  defilement  incidents outside the required court processes. 

His sentiments come after a 17 and 13 year old girls were married for two months respectively.

According to Mr. Ngere, It’s alleged that the girl has not reported to School since schools were opened.

The county commander said   families of victims negotiating out-of-court settlements and intimidation of witnesses are to blame for the low conviction rate in defilement cases.

Mr Ngere however further says that once the parents  of the victims withdraws  the allegations,  it becomes  difficult  even for the police to substantiate  evidence which leaves  us in an awkward  situation  on what to do. 

“Such incidences  are  on the rise  in this region,  that’s  we are  set  to use  all government bodies  to bring  them to book, “the County  boss  said. 

He noted that parents of the defiled victims accept bribes and connive with alleged offenders to alter the evidence to pervert the course of justice.

He further  warned  that  the law  shall  take its course  to  both  the  culprit  and whoever  will  be found  negotiating  .

He vowed  that he will  ensure  that justice as prevailed  to the  victims  and ensure that  defilement cases  have reduced  to zero.