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Former Bonchari MP Opore dismiss allegations of seeking Oimekes sacking

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Mr Opore stated that there is no any substantial evidence that he wrote a letter seeking Mr Oimeke's sacking.

Former Bonchari MP Zebedeo Opore

Former  Bonchari MP Zebedeo Opore  has dismissed  allegations  circulating in Media that he wrote  a letter  to  the public  service commission  seeking  Engineer  Pavel  Oimeke  to be sacked for an alleged involvement into politics.

His reactions comes few days after Kisii  members  of county  assembly condemned  the proponent of the letter accusing Mr Opore  to have wrote  a letter   to the public  service commission and copied  to EACC, DCIO  and DPP  that   Director  General  Energy, Petroleum and Regulatory  Authority  Engineer  Pavel Oimeke  to be sacked  for doing  politics  in Bonchari  constituency. 

Mr Opore  stated  that there  is no  any substantial  evidence  that he wrote  a letter  seeking  Mr Oimeke’s sacking. 

“Let them challenge  me with  the  evidence , that  is pure  politics , it’s  about  some individuals  who want to blackmail  my name, “Mr Opore  said. 

He said that  leaders  should  concentrate  to bring  services  to people instead  of dwelling  on politics. 

Addressing the press  the MCAS   defended  Mr Oimeke  by saying that  he is giving  back  to the  community the reason as to why he was appointed  as director. 

The MCAS  stated  that  Mr Oimeke  has not given his time campaigning  for any  elective  seat rather  than steering  development  of the  community. 
The MCAs  gave Opore  seven  days   to apologize  to the  omogusii  community  or else  they  disown  him  from the  community. 

They warned  other  leaders  who might  having such ill  motive  issues  to cease.

The  MCAs  called  upon all    leaders  to spearhead   development for a United  Omogusii   to  better  the  community  at large. 

Mr Opore  asked   those  who are tainting  his name  to  stop  and  focus  to bring  development  in the  community. 

According  to the letter  which  was on social  media  scheduled   on 20/1/2020 sent to the  public  service commission  that  Mr  Oimeke  was spotted  and even  recorded  making  politically  instigated  statements.