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Learners urged to embrace discipline to excel in academics

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Speaking during education day principal Tabitha Mogonchi said that the good result was out of good collaboration from the community, teachers parents and students. Sentiments which were echoed by Bomachoge Borabu Constituency Prof Zadock Ogutu

Kerongorori Mixed Secondary School Principal Tabitha Mogonchi

Learners have been urged to embrace  discipline for better  academic  performance as Kerongorori   Mixed Secondary  School  in Bomachoge Chache  shines  as it takes  68 candidates  to  university. 

Speaking  during  education  day principal  Tabitha  Mogonchi  said that the  good  result  was out  of good  collaboration  from  the  community,  teachers  parents and students. 

MS  Mogonchi  said that if area residents embrace education, they can realize transformation  in  the community. 

“We all know that it’s through  education  that we can eradicate poverty  and transform  the  society, “she said.

Prof  George  Gongera   challenged  students  to work  diligently  and post impressive  performance. 

He pleaded to  the  community  to invest in  education. 
“We all  know that  education  is a game changer  in life.  It is through  education  that we can  bring  changes  in the  society, “he said. 

Area MP  Prof  Zadock  Ogutu  urged  parents  to work hand in hand with  teachers   for better  results  . The  legislature  reminded  the  learners  to be focused in for better  performance   .

Currently  the  school  has population  of more than  1000 students,  40 teachers,  21 of whom  are  TSC  employees  while  the  remaining  19 are  employed  by the  Board of  Management. 

In last  year ‘KSCE  examination  the  school   registered  a mean Grade  of 5.5.
Some of the  challenges  facing  the  school  are  infrastructure,  congestion  in Classes and dormitory,  dinning  hall,  laboratory,  library , land for expansion and many more. 

The principal  appealed  to the  government  to help the  school  address  some of the challenges.