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Heirs of Deceased in Kisii and Mombasa Counties to Receive Death Benefits

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The Office of the Public Trustee is established under the Public Trustee Act (Chapter 168 Laws of Kenya) enacted in 1925. It operates within the organizational framework of the Division of the Administrator General in the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Justice.

The Office of the Public Trustee has issued a public notice requesting the heirs of 178 deceased persons in Kisii and Mombasa Counties to provide details for the processing of death benefits from the estates of the deceased.

The heirs are expected to provide certified copies of death certificates, title deeds, share certificates as well as the national identity cards of the deceased to facilitate the processing of the death benefits.

The Public Trustee offers services of a specialized nature which involve identification and collection of assets, identification of beneficiaries, management and subsequent transmission of both movable and immovable property either as an estate or a trust. The Office also discharges duties relating to custodianship, management of properties of persons living with mental disability and management of enemy property.

Timely distribution of assets by the Public Trustee office empowers beneficiaries and enables them to participate in economic development and wealth creation. In uplifting the lives of children, widows and widowers who are poor, weak and vulnerable, the Office participates in the realization of the government’s development agenda of guaranteeing a prosperous nation with high a quality of life.

Issues revolving around inheritance have assumed a prominent place in society making the Office of the Public Trustee an inevitable necessity. The present day complex society associated with a free market economy and individual ownership of property makes the administration of estates of deceased persons as provided by law a key component in the administration of justice.

The heirs are requested to get in touch with the officers based in the two regions (M’s Irene Nyariki, Senior State Counsel, Attorney- General’s Building, Kisii County and Mr. Jeffrey Maliro, Principal State Counsel, NSSF Building, Mombasa County) as soon as possible.

Email enquiries can also be submitted to

Attached is the list of the deceased whose families are scheduled to receive monies.