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Take government measures serious for your safety- riders told

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Kisii County Commander Jebel Ngere PHOTO/FILE

Kisii county Boda boda operators has been called upon to ensure they  follow rules and guidelines given by the ministry of  health in the fight against the world pandemic COVID 19.

 Addressimg the press on Friday at Kisii , Kisii county executive  member for Administration Ednah Kangwana  challenged the riders to take measures serious since it’s their safety and that of their clients. 

Ms. Ednah said that they have set measures of ensuring that every boadaboda ride should only carry one passenger at  a time   and both should wear mask.

She added that each reider should have  sanitizer and they should keep moving by avoiding crowding at parking stages.

“We have said this before but we want to emphasize  that all riders should adhere to these guidelines and measures so that they can protect themselves and their passengers  in the fight of this pandemic  CoVid 19 ” she said 

 This comes as the result that the sector is  at high risk of contacting and especially spreading the virus due to the number of passengers they interact with within aday.

Meanwhile Kisii County Police Commander Jebel Munene noted that anyone who woll go against the governments measures will face the full force of the law.

” we are not going to allow any rider to carry more than more than one passenger. We will take the necessary actions “Munene said

He also cautioned Matatu operators who are carry more passengers unlike the directives from the Government 

This comes as the Government has put  drastic measures to curb the further spread of the virus.