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Be aware of unregistered PSV vehicles, public urged

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Kisii County Commander Jebel Ngere PHOTO/FILE

Kisii County  Commander  Jebel Ngere  has urged public   to be  aware  of the  unregistered  private  vehicles whichpurporting to offer transport to the other counties  which were  partially  locked down at a cost. 

Mr Ngere’s sentiments comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta declaration barring travel to and out of Nairobi,  Mombasa,  Kwale and Kilifi counties for 21 days; which are considered to be Covid  29 hotspots.

Speaking  to Gusii star in his office the county  commander  urged the public not to be swayed as the directives given by the president is meant for the benefit of the whole country.

“Please  for your  kindness  take the  directives of the president  seriously  for your  own safety, “he said. 

Mr Ngere  said  that the president made clear  that no movement  to such counties  and the public should take it seriously .

Mr Ngere  vowed  that  however  will  be found  trying  to defy  such directives  will  be arrested and face the law. 
He asked  the  public  in case  they find  such people  trying  to corn them  to report at the  police station. 

He asked  the  boda  boda  riders  to follow  measures  as outlined  by the  ministry  of health   to wear  mask  and carry one pavilion at  a time. 
“Both the  boda  bodas and riders  are supposed   to wear  mask as away   to curb Covid  19,”he said .

Mr Ngere  stated  that they will impound and arrest   those  riders  who might  defy such directives. 

However  the vehicles  ferrying  foodstuffs  or other  essential  products  like medical  equipment  and drugs were exempted  from the  restrictions. 

Vehicles  ferrying  food products  are only  allowed  to have one driver  and such designated  persons  must be notified  by writing.