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Supremacy battle emerge over Bodaboda leadership within Kisii .

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Bodaboda operator carrying his passenger and loaded bananas showing hard working they are doing in transport sector .[ photo Gusii star ]

Confusion is looming in Kisii county over the boundaries of Kisii BodaBoda operators within Kisii town

According to the Kitutu chache south sub county Bodaboda  Chairperson Evans Ototo ,some bodaboda leaders from Kisii town Municipality have  deliberately overstepped their mandate outside their mandated territory. 

Addressing the media On  Monday at Nyamataro , Ototo said that despite his effort as Chairperson  to sensitize bodaboda riders on how to take measures against Covid 19  seriously, he has been sidelined by his colleagues from  Kisii town who has gone further to denounce him as Kitutu chache south Chairperson.

Mr Ototo alleges that his collegues from Kisii Town have  decided to take charge of some bodaboda stages to Kisii Municipality without notifying his office and their members .

” We had  a meeting with other chairpersons from 9 sub counties and agreed that during this  Covid 19 period  bodaboda operators should have Sanitizes, wear mask and carry on pavilion passenger.

Something I have ensured is enforced as the Chairman, shockingly hearing   from one of the local radio station that am not the chairperson ” Ototo said

David omonso  Bobadoda  secretary  Kitutu chache south  also said that he was worried when it was announced in one of the local radio station  that Ototo was at Nyatieko correcting some cash from Bodaboda operators forcing him to be denounced as chairperson, claims he has disputed .

Omonso has now challenged to get informal informed if Municipality has taken some parts of Kitutu so that they can know there boundaries.

However, the Kisii Municipality Chairman Mike Mose has termed his sentiments as rumors with bad intetion to the sector.

Mose clarified that Municipality  has its boundaries in some parts of Nyatieko, Nyamataro, gesoso,  Kiogoro only mentioning a few so whoever is claiming that his boundaries has been taken should know those boundaries .

” There are issues which have come out about  Bodaboba boundaries, I want to clarify that Municipality encloses  Nyatieko,Nyamataro, Gesonso , Nyanchwa ,Kiogoro, Kegati ,Jogoo so whoever claiming that  Mike is supposed only the chairperson in town let him know that  now am the leader of Municipality ” noted Mose

” Let us concentrate on educating our members on how to take serious measures laid down by the Ministry of Health in  the fight against COVID19 ” He added

 He also Challenged sub county chairpersons be at the forefront in sensitizing  riders the importance of keeping social distance , washing hands and Carrying one person more so during this time of the pandemic COVID 19,