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Residents without face masks warned as County receives hand sanitizers, Face masks

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Nyamira County Commissioner Amos Mariba (second right) and Health CEC Mr. Douglas Bosire receives hand sanitizers from KPC officials. By Dan Nyamanga)

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira County Commissioner Mr. Amos Mariba has ordered for the arrest of residents flouting orders of wearing masks in public places.

Mariba noted that a number of residents in the county have shut eye to government directives on wearing masks, safe social distancing and avoiding crowds as a precautionary measure to control the spread of COVID 19 Pandemic.

Therefore he has ordered the police to immediately arrest and charge those contravening the government orders.

“The face masks which have been provided by the government or any other Kenyan of goodwill must be put into perfect use henceforth, I have noted with a lot of concern on the way our people are handling this issue of corona virus.

Instead of our people practicing the safety measures, they wait until they spot an enforcement officer ,to this effect, I have today ordered the police across the County to arrest and charge anybody without face mask, not keeping social distance and those who are found in a public gathering,” warned Mariba.

He singled out public services vans (PSVs) operators and users as those flouting the regulations and orders.

“We need self-discipline to flatten the corona virus curve, we must not be monitored to be disciplined. Let’s simply follow the government guidelines. When the government directs on what should be done, it surely must be done and we are ready to effect that,” he added.

Mariba also warned those contravening the dusk to dawn curfew of dire consequences.
Over 40 revelers were arrested over last weekend contravening curfew hours. They have since been placed in quarantine centers across the county.

Mr. Mariba was speaking at the County headquarters Friday where he led both national and county government officials in receiving over 4000 face masks from Kisii national polytechnic and 4000 litres of hand sanitizers from Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC).

Story by Dan Nyamanga .