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Be vigilant and observe guidelines residents told

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KIsii county Governor Jmaes Ongwae with other KIsii county Commissioner Stephen KIhara and other officials at Kisii school addressing the Media after opening Quarantine facility at Kisii school [Photo Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori .

Kisii county residents have been warned of breaking government directives against the fight against Corona virus.

This comes after the county government of Kisii has  opened  quarantine facility at  Kisii Boys high school . 

According to Governor James  Ongwae the facility will   be used as Quarantine facility for those who will  be breaking   guidelines put by the ministry of Health in the fight against COVID19. 

He also said that the facility has been opened as one way of de congesting  the medical facility at Kenya medical training which has been used as containment place .  

Therefore  Ongwae challenged  residents to be observant  during this period as one way of protecting themselves from being  quarantined    at the new facility. 

” We have opened this facility but my wish is that let us follow the guidelines properly so that we can not be the victims and brought to this  this facility”

” Let us  know that  anybody is a potential  customer to the facility if the guidelines are not followed ,” Said Ongwae

  At the same time he  added  that the isolation center is still at Kisii teaching and referral hospital  which is well equipped .

 Ongwae also noted that the county has no positive COVID 19 cases as the county has set more than 800 samples to Nairobi which all  are negative , emphasizing that   Guidelines should be followed  .

 In addition he added that his administration in collaboration with  National Government  are ensuring  that they are doing the best of ensuring that   they  to take care our Kisii residents at  large .

He thanked stakeholders  and well wishers who have been able to  help the county with Masks, Sanitizers which have been able to distributed  to markets , BodaBoda sector and other areas to help the residents.

 ” I want to indicate that as the county Government we have  taken  supplement  budget   since there is no county that knew there was to be COVID19, and have resources  for it,its in the county assembly and we hope once it will be passed then we will have the necessary  emergency funds we need to move the process forward and ensuring we have all things in place” noted Governor Ongwae

He added that in sub counties the county has set measures as well and identified some school if things goes to worse situation .