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Families stranded following mudslide.

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one of the raeas affected with the landslide in Kisii county [Photo courtesy]

Following heavy rain which has cased mudslide and floods in many parts of the country now residents who have been affected have called upon the Government to come for their rescue.

This comes after More than two hundred households in Ntuka village, Keyan ward, Tramsmara Sub-County, Narok County have been unsettled following mudslides caused by heavy rains that have continued to pound the area in the last one week.

As more rain is predicted to hit the country in the coming days. The impacted land caused a four hundred metes valley after a crack stretching our kilometers caused the land movement.

The displaced families have since been evacuated to Empash Primary School, despite the challenges that hinder social distancing rules which should combat Coronavirus.

Speaking to Gusii star the affected families have raised conceern that they are going through difficulties even being bitten by mosquitoes as they spent their nights in the cold thus becoming prone to malaria.

The affected residents have appealed to the two levels of government and their area leaders to expedite efforts of aiding them with personal essentials.

In response through a phone call the area MCA Mark Mukuti, advised the residents to move to safer areas in a bid to avoid any eminent fatalities .

The Mca added that he had reached out to Narok County’s department of Disaster management and donations will be swiftly availed the afflicted households.