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Low Tea Payment angers Farmers .

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Tea Farmer plucking Tea at Irondi Village Nyaribari Chache, Photo Brighton Makori /Gusii star

By Brighton Makori.

Tea farmers affiliated to Mogeni Factory from irondi Village Nyaribari chache constituency, Kisii county have decried low pay and delayed bonus during this global Covid 19 disease pandemic.

Addressing the press they noted that following the low payment and late payments more so during Covid 19 pandemic has lead them to hopeless since they have o enough money to fend their families.

They claimed that unlike other factories charges for tea theirs has since dropped from sh. 21per kilo to sh. 17 over the last six months.

Led by Lilian Gekobe they accused the factory management for delaying the accrued tea bonus payments form two years.

They have threatened to uproot the crop and substitute it with other crops if their demands will not be met.

If our Grievances are not going to bear fruits ,we will uproot the crop and venture to other business, we have been struggling with it but no enough is enough,” said Omambi Nyabengi