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Big hearted Swanya transforming lives of Nyamira’s needy

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Victor Ogeto swanya Patron To Swanya Foundation addressing Beneficiaries at Keroka Training institute at past function .

By  Gilbert Metobo

since corona virus pandemic struck there has been hiccups in learning institutions,businesses and other economy based efforts have been thwarted by the pandemic that has seriously hit vulnerable academicians like the ones supported by the swanya foundation.

He is a man born of a sharp legal mind.In charity however,  the Wiper Party Deputy Chairman Mr  Victor Swanya is adored for his large philanthropic spirit. 
Villagers in the vast Kitutu Masaba Constituency in Nyamira say though born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Swanya  walks with the humble and all those who society sees as a burden. 
And nudged by the selfless spirit to help, Swanya who has twice vied for a Parliamentary seat has forged his charity, the Swanya Foundation
, to help him reach out to those in need. 
 The foundation begun as a simple initiative to help needy bright children in Kitutu Masaba before snowballing into a full fletched entity fully focusing on empowering the poor to realize their potential. 
Since 2013 when the foundation was mooted significant achievements have been achieved in improving academics in the larger constituency. 
Isaac Simi from Gesima ward is among the beneficiaries. 
Now  a3rd year economics student at the  Friends Kaimosi University College, an affiliate of Masinde University, Simi rates for a bright future. 
He says he owes his success this far to the Victor Swanya Foundation. 
” I could be working in the farms largely as a farm hand had it not for Swanya,” he told Gusii star
The Foundation has supported his endeavors since he was at Nyansiongo High school. He wishes that other leaders should emulate the charity to  give youths of Kitutu Masaba a chance at life. 
He said many more and poor but bright youth were still rotting in the farms robbing the country of the skills it sorely need to help it move forward. 

Lydia Kwamboka who hails from Bochege Village a mother of 3 who  managed to get C+and is doing nursing at Kenyataa University is also beneficiary of Swanya Foundation ,Speaking during the interview  Kwamboka who was barely 17 years old when she got married pointed mistreatment from her step mother after her real mother died.

According to  Kwamboka who is 32 years in age , first sat the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations in 2001 at Bogeche Primary, Nyaribari Masaba, scoring 326 marks and Eight years later in 2013, she made her second attempt  while already married and managed 370 marks from Marigo Primary school in Nakuru county where she was staying with her family .
She adds that following the inconsistency in her marriage it led the separation with her husband and went back home in Enchoro village where she meant Victor Swanya Ogeto the Founder of Swanya Foundation.
“ After I separated with my husband I decided to go back home ,one day  I went home church where I meet Victor swanya  who I  requested for the support of going back to school, who agreed and took me back to school,” Narrated Kwamboka.

“This is when I decided   to pay her four-year school which enabled her to do her secondary level and now she is joining the University “she said 
Despite her age and immense challenges raising her children, Kwamboka topped her class since she joined Form One even if  she was forced to take care of her children after the husband chased them.

Yucabeth Momany who hails from Gachuba kward is another beneficiary of the Victor Swanya Foundation. 
She is an orphan from Sengereri Gachuba and has been able to  completed her secondary education courtesy of the foundation. 
She is has since joined  Keroka Technical Training institute where  she  hopes to make it in a vocational course.
She says had  there other leaders like Swanya, Kitutu Masaba constituency would have been in the line of those areas where people come for bench making mostly on matters academic and self sustainability.

A nominated  Nyamira county assembly MCA, Eznah Nyamoita, is a former  beneficiary who has  commended  the Foundation for assisting her study and train as a journalist.

“We have tried as it is to manage the kitty well for its mission is well and running on the ground thanks to thought well actualized by the founders”, says the chairman of the foundation Wilfred Nyakioga adding that in identifying the vulnerability of applicants provincial administration and church clergies were well involved.

He is calling upon the present leadership to re-look the way constituency development fund is used to make it a success through academics from secondary schools to universities rather tha
n avoiding the secondary level students.
The patron and the director of the foundation Swanya  admits that there is a gap in assisting the less fortunate in society. 

“By leaders coming together with other stakeholders they may leave a success  legacy that many will remember many for,” he said.

Apart from support in Education the foundation has however helped residents with sanitizers and Water containers during Covid 19 Pandemic