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Use affirmative funds well, Ong’era tells beneficiaries

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Kisii county Women representative Senator Janet Ongera handimg over cheque to people with disabilities on Tuesday at Ngina banto house Kisii [Photo Courtesy ]

By Brighton Makori.

Beneficiaries of the National Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) in Kisii have been challenged to use the money as per their  proposals and empower  themselves .

 Addressing the press on Tuesday at  Ngina Banto house , Kisii Women  Representative Janet Ongera said her office had empowered many groups by giving them cheques more so during this period of the Coronavirus pandemic.

” As part of our program of helping groups more so during Covid 19, we have been able to give money to youths, women and People Living with Disabilities  (PLWDs).
We urge them to use the money as indicated in their proposals and avoid dividing it for individual use,” she said. 

She went on: “Today, we have given Sh15 million to people living with disabilities.
The beneficiaries’ groups qualified after applying for the  funds.
“We are going to make sure that all those who have qualified get funds as one way of empowering them,” she added. 

The County MP also said that her office will do close monitoring after three months to see whether the money has been used as it was intended.
The money, she said, is provided by government to enable citizens break the chains of poverty. 

At the same time, she noted that following  the rise of gender based violence,  they are speeding the construction of a GBV centre which will be opened by January.
The rescue center will be one of its kind in the region. 

“Among the projects going on is the construction of the Gender Based Violence Rescue Centre.
It will accommodate victims of gender violence. They will get counselled before even going back to the homes,” she said.

Ong’era noted that there was a rise of gender based violence in families more so during this Covid 19 pandemic.
She called upon residents to be loving and understanding in their homes. 

“I call upon men to avoid fighting their wives. Let women also take care of their tongues. This will reduce violence at home,” she said.

She also challenged parents to be vigilant and take  care of their children more so girls.

 “We have rising cases of early pregnancies. I call upon parents to monitor their children,” she said.  

 About Coronavirus

On the disease that has shaken the world, Ong’era called upon all county residents to observe and take heed of Governments directives aimed at stopping the spread of the virus.
The measures include washing hands/sanitizing, wearing of face masks and observing physical distance. 

This is the time all residents need to follow government directives properly without fail.
Covid 19 is real. It has killed many people, others are asymptomatic hence you can not know who has it or not. The only  prevention is taking precautions seriously,” she said.

She also hailed Governor James Ongwae for the effort he has made in the fight against the pandemic .