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Churches receives thermo guns as Mp donates to constituents .

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Kitutu chache North Member of parliament showing up thermo gun when he donated them to r churches on Friday [photo courtesy ]

By Elizabeth Angira

Kisii county being among the counties which has been hit by COVID 19 the leaders have embarked to help residents to fight the deadly disease.

Kitutu chache constituency on Friday on Friday received 65,000 Masks and 250 thermos guns which goes to churches from area Member of parliament Jimmy Angwenyi .

Addressing residents and the press he said that give out the materials is one way of helping his constituents to curb the spread of the disease which has affected the county both economical and financially .

Angwenyi added that is worried by the raising numbers of Covid 19 infections hence advised people to take cautious seriously by following Ministry of Health’s guidelines properly .
He added that every location will receive 2,000 masks which will be distributed across and ensure everyone gets one.
“We used a criteria whereby churches with many congregation such as SDA, Catholic, P.A.G , Luthuland will have 50 thermoguns each and those with few people will receive five to ten each, “Said Angwenyi. 

The law maker cautioned the residents to be very cautious and maintain social distance more so from those who have traveled from Covid 19 hot spot centers such as Nairobi, by urging those who have already to isolate themselves for 14 days.

The Sub County Deputy County Commissioner David Saruni warned bodaboda riders who stay past curfew hours to take illicit brew and drive with high speed causing accidents.  
This was after a bodaboda rider was killed last night on a road accident .
He asked the residents to always maintain social distance,put on masks and always wash their hands
, and keep social distance when attending funerals.
“The law is very clear only 15 people are supposed to attend the funeral, “he said.
Sensi ward MCA Paul Angwenyi stated that its through good cooperation between the public we can fight this pandemic.