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Who is who as ODM youths give controversial statements over Kisii county party chairmanship

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There was controversy between Kisii county orange democratic movement youths leaders after two groups emerged to give statements over the leadership of ODM chairmanship in the region.

This comes after two groups one led by Denis Orioki who said to be kisii county ODM young professionals and other led by steve Junior Asuma who said to be Acting ODM youth leader, each gave different statements concerning the part after accusing some leaders to have visited Deputy President Wiliam ruto recently .

Denis orioki was the first to post the letter on online platforms for accusing those who visited Dp claiming to be party representative from Kisi count,whereby they left the party long time ago according to orioki

Hours later Steve Junior also posted another letter on online platforms showing our the youths never coordinated ,showing our strength one is about the part matters.

After all this Gusii star has learned that the party through other leaders have organizes meeting in which they will give statements to the media concerning the party matters inmkisii county .

More to follow,………..