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Don’t plan to burry us, guide us to overcome virus.

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[Courtesy of WHO]

By Brighton Makori .

It is good for the Government of the day to ensure that measures put in place which to fight the Covid 19 pandemic are followed to the letter.

This is largely so because the virus can cripple our health system, cause mass deaths and make the economy collapse.
Indeed, Kenya, just like many other countries of the world are all hurting in various facets of life. 
 Generally, COVID-19 has negatively impacted the Kenyan economy as seen in the performance in the financial markets.
The virus has caused disruption of global supply chains, volatility of the Kenyan currency, reduction in diaspora remittances and reversal of prior monetary and fiscal policies.
 If the challenges facing Kenyans cannot be addressed properly, we will experience more problems than what we are seeing now.

 The government should come up with more stringest and appropriate measures which will help Kenyans to understand and take precaution instead of scaring them about the future.
 For instance, it is worrying when a County Government reports to its citizens that they used millions of shillings to buy a piece of land meant for cemetery should it experience mass deaths from Coronavirus.
Instead, counties should use the money to sensitize their people on how to contain the disease.
Why can’t the counties in collaboration with the National Government craft ways on how to help residents before preparing to bury them?

 You always hear that the counties have received COVID 19 funds but unfortunately , he resources end up in the pockets of county officials.
 No one is saying that there is no Coronavirus but the way the government is dealing with it is worrying and precipitating more questions than answers.

 How can county governments plan to buy body bags instead of planning to do more testing and encouraging  Kenyans to stay safe?
Does it mean that means that they have failed to set measures which can protect citizens and instead  wait for them to die?   
The cardinal work of the Government is to protect the life  of its citizens and not preparing to bury them.

Life has become hard with no money, no food and even families have started breaking.
On our roads, things have turned to be normal whereby a 14 seat Nissan is carrying more than its capacity.
Sadly, such a vehicle plies on a road manned by traffic police who don’t bother.
 Worse yet, you will find police officers chasing mama mbogas from markets despite the fact that they have complied with safety measures like wearing masks and observing physical distance.
Let the Government come up with measures which will help its citizens since more businesses are going to shut down and more people will continue suffering in joblessness. 

Meanwhle let us follow the guidelines set by the ministry of health.

Mr Makori is a reporter with Gusii Star.