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stop spreading rumors over Matiangi’s Health critics warned.

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CS Fed Matiangi with Kitutu Chache Member of parliament Richard Momoima, Kisii women rep Janet Ongera and her counterpart Jerusha Momanyi at a past Function .

By Elizabeth Angira and Brighton Makori

Political leaders from Kisii county have asked the Director of Criminal Investigation and Director of Public Prosecution to move with speed to arrest and prosecute those spreading propaganda on CS Fred Matiangi’s Covid 19 status. 
The leaders condemned propaganda that was spread in the social media platforms that CS Fred Matiangi  has tested positive with Coronavirus. 
Earlier,in a community Radio, Interior CS  dismissed reports on blogs alleging that he was admitted at the Aga Khan University Hospital as completely untrue.

Led by Members of County Assembly Apepo Ombasa of Tabaka ward , John Ombati of Bomorenda ward , Kefa Mogaka of Kisii central and Bathsheba Sanaya they said its unethical to tarnish one’s name .
The claimed that some politicians are spreading such rumors as a political tool to ground the CS who has been doing commendably job
More so in the ministries he has served .
Mr Ombati said by tarnishing the  Matiangi name is like causing disrespect to the Gusii  community.
“We are annoyed as Omogusii Community,we should support our son who has made the community proud, let us avoid cheap propaganda who wants to tarnish his Name , “Mr Ombati said.
Mr Apepo said that as Omogusii community it is a taboo to tarnish one’s name. 

“Let’s stop cheap politics and support our own son , my advice to public lets treat such information as fake and focus in the fight against the diseas
e ,“he said. 
The leaders asked the public to work together and spearhead development in the Gusii community  .
They urged DCI to move into speed and complete  investigation to arrest whoever who  was spreading such rumors and be charged in court.

Separately, Kisii youth network leader Douglas Ogari  condemned the incident in the strongest terms terming that those propagating about  CS  Matiangi are only with idle minds.

Matiangi has spoken out and clear  about the matter, we call upon those   with evil mind stop and allow Cs Matiangi to focus in delivering to Kenyans ” said ogari 
 At the same time he called upon leaders from the  region  and other political party officials to seek  counsel from Dr  Fred Matiangi

 ” let us remember that we are remaining with two years to another general election its time for development not politics and the fight against the covid 19 pandemic ” he added