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Who will succeed Ongwae as more candidates show Interest .

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IEBC Governor ballot box[photo courtesy ]

Only   two years   to the next general election  whereby politicians are  warming up to take up seats while others will defend their seats .

 In Kisii county Gubernatorial  has attracted more  politicians who want to  succeed Governor James Ongwae  who has served his two terms as per the constitution. 

Unlike  in 2017 where  we had  nine candidates who were Christopher Obure  who hails from Bobasi ,  Mr Manson Nyamweya (KNC)  from South Mugirango , Mr Kepha Mogeni (PPK), Mr Lumumba Nyaberi (Wiper) from Bobasi , Mr Samwel Nyamao (Independent), Mr Charles Bagwassi (Chama Mwangaza Daima), Mr Boniface Omboto (Maendeleo Chap Chap) and Dr Charles Omwega (NLP).

The seat  seems to have more candidates  in  2022 if all those who contest in 2017 will be the ballot  including those who have shown interest   like   Ezekiel Machogu current Mp Nyaribari ,  Rachel Otundo , Former South Mugirango Mp  Omingo Magara, Dagoretti south MP Simba arati , Kitutu chache south Mp Richard Momoima Onyoka  among others.

Others have declared  publicly like former cabinet Minister Chris Obure  who is currently  the  Chief Administrative Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, also served as senator from 2013 to 2017 after losing the gubernatorial seat to Ongwae in 2017 .

According to Obure he is still strong enough to vie for the seat  and has the experience to serve the people of Kisii   for one term as the governor before retiring in 2027. 

Obure who is 79 years old  said that he is not too old to vie for the  position by dismissing  his critics for the propaganda in social media  equating him  to former Zimbwambe President  the late  Robert  Mugambe.  The  CAS who was speaking in Gusii recently added that he believes that he will win  the Kisii governor’s seat.  

In another another hanNyaribari  Masaba member of parliament Ezekiel Machogu who  a section of  his Constituents accused him for abonding them for the county seat

According to him he has not abandoned his people he only declared his interest for the big seat after the record he has set in Nyaribari masaba for the period he has been in office is a clear testimony that he can transform Kisii county once elected .

Adding that his decision to go for the top county seat was reached by leaders from the area late last year.

 Machogu who hails from Nyaribari the same as Senator ongeri who has also shown interests for the seat according to his supporters, this make the game from Nyaribari to be trick as they will be forced to front one candidate  including having Rachel Otundo among other candidates from  Both  Myaribari. 

Ongeri who set a comeback in 2017 after winning the Kisii senatorial seat  through ODM , he believes that his political ambitions were still bright.
 Rachel Otundo who  also believes that its time for  Women to take up the seat as  other regions have done
,hence she is the preferred women candidate come2022

Deputy Governor Joash Maangi,  who has since the start of the year has not attended any  function with Governor Ongwae also believes  that  he has what it takes to succeed his boss for serving as his deputy for two terms.

  According to  Him he is  the preferred Candidate  by having the experience of serving as the DG for two terms and nothing will stop him from vying even if  the system does not support him and vowed to battle it out with opponents.

Simba Arati is another candidate from Bobasi but currently  Dagoreti North Member Of parliament  who have declared his interest for the seat  through his supporters releasing press  statements that  he is still in the race . 

Recently  during a press conference  organized by Simba supporters  they called upon whoever saying that  Simba has withdrawn from race to be  aware that Simba has set his mind  for the top seat.

Simba through an initiative of helping the need more so building the house  has seen  popularizing him more in the region.

Another Politician is Omingo Magara of  People democratic Movement , according to him it’s time for PDP to produce a governor who can transform Kisii county.

The entering of Omingo to the race  complicates matters  to also Former South Mugirango MP Manson Nyamweya, who made his first attempt on the county seat in 2017 and lost to Ongwae who has also shown  making a comeback through Kenya National Congress.

 Momoima Onyoka  who hails from Kitutu where Ongwae comes, will be vying for a seat   this makes others from Nyaribari, Bomachoge, Bonchari and South Miguirango to go back to drawing since  he is the only  from Kitutu has shown interest unlike other regions which has more than people .