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Am legitimate ODM chairperson says Omwando, blames Ongwae and Janet.

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Kisii county ODM branch Chairman Samuel Omwando

Barely two days after the ODM party  meeting organized by a section of members in Kisii to ouster the Kisii ODM chairman turned chaotic , Samuel Omwando has clear  the air  that he is the legitimate Kisii county  Orange Democratic Movement party  Chairman.

 Addressing the press on Monday at Kisii county Omwando accused  Governor James Ongwae and Kisii Women Representative Janet Ongera for being behind the war in the party .

 Omwando called upon the local leaders to stop diverting the intention  to discuss  him after falling to account for the resources  based on them  for development  .

 According to Mr Omwando  he has  a right as any Kenyan to visit the Deputy president of Kenya since he is not the enemy of the state. 

” As leader  i can talk to any leader , I have several invitation   from politicians who have reached me  for discussion ” He said

“Those panicking including local leaders  for non performing  , I ask them not to de diversionary  , If they  are unable to account for the resources based on them , let them not divert the public to discuss non issues ” he added

 At the same he accused  Members of County assembly mandated to do oversight  role for failing to perform their duties but now have started being used with other leaders to discuss non issues .

 Mr Omwando  noted that  he is the only  ODM chairman  who has the authority to call  a meeting in the region and if one calls any such meeting its attacking him.

 ” Am the legitimate ODM chairman from Ksii county who can convene a meeting and if any calls for any meeting it means  he is attacking me and if am attacked i will defend myself  ” Noted Mr Omwando

” I want  to  warn  elected  leaders  not to be   in comfortable zone that they are safe , there is outcry  outside here following  unfulfilled promises “

 At the same time he confirms that he  Visited Deputy President Dr Ruto  through  an invitation where they discussed issues affecting the region, one being the poverty level and how the it has been dealt with , Infrastructure among other issues .

 On Saturday  the party experienced  fresh fights  after  a group  called a press conference at Kisii sports club to install  Former Kisii county Speaker Kerosi Ondieki  as the Chairman after Omwando   has joined Tangatanga  by  visiting  Deputy President .

  The party Mr Omwando said is non existing and he has not received any petition from any ODM member, confirming that he has not left the ODM party.

” I have not  announced any resignation from my party either have not joined any party, ” clarified Omwando