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Tourism attractions, business in Kisii county closes down due to COVID 19 .

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Women engage in soapstone carving in Tabaka [Photo courtesy ]

By Brighton Makori

Following  the  outbreak of COVId 19 pandemic which has shown all  business shutting, Kisii county is not exceptionally since the diseases  have  left many people jobless .

  This comes after  one of the  leading tourism attractions in Kisii county- the Tabaka soapstone Carvings industry which used to receive a good number of tourists has been forced to close down despite the opening of the economy by President Uhuru Kenyatta who had declared a lock-down last month.

According to leaders from the area led by Tabaka ward MCA Daniel Apepo, there is no tourist who has visited the area where residents solely rely on Soapstone carvings and most  operators have sent their workers home due to the increasing economic crisis.

Addressing mourners within the ward, Mr Apepo said that as much as they appreciate the opening of the economy by the head of state, the Covid- 19 pandemic has brought a bigger impact on the social economy to the effect that most people are not involved in any economic activities.

Mr Apepo said that most of those who had been suspended from work had resorted to petty offenses like stealing foodstuffs which had made it difficult for the area chiefs and their assistants to handle the increasing cases.

  The MCA also raised concerns that Tabaka ward being a  neighbor to Tanzania through Migori county and there were fears that the CoronaVirus might spread to Kisii county and petitioned medical and security personnel to put up strong measure of monitoring the movements of those doing various businesses so that the lives of local residents can be guaranteed.

The MCA asked the county and national governments to look for ways of assisting those whose businesses had been affected because they were unable to fend for their families who used to enjoy their lives before the businesses were closed.