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You failed Kisii residents for Voting No Senator Ongeri told.

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Kisii county women representative Janet ongera addressing Journalists at her office on Tuesday 29 JULY 2020.

 Leaders  from Kisii have come  out strongly to give out their views after  senators  voted against  a proposal to have the third basis formula for allocating funds to county governments.

Addressing the press on Wednesday in her Kisii town office , Kisii county Women Representative  Janet  Ongera  accused  Senator Sam Ongeri who represents Kisii people in the senate for voting no during the debate on the amendments to the counties’ revenue sharing formula.

Janet Ong’era said that she was unhappy to see Ongeri  support his colleagues in shooting down the approval formula, adding that if  the formula was to be approved Kisii county was among the beneficiaries.

Janet added that Kisii County had to benefit from Sh 126 million which was to be used to improve peoples’ livelihoods.

Ong’era added that  she respects Ongeri as an elder but she sharply differed with him on his Tuesdays decision .

“ Today am very sad to see Senator Sam Ongeri vote no during the debate on the counties’ revenue sharing formula, the act he did to help neighbors without considering what was on the table for is Kisii people ,” Ong’era said. 

“I respect him as our elder but I sharply differ with him on principle, The county could have benefited from Sh 126 million upon approval of the formula,” she added

The county MP noted that they were elected to fight for the interests of Kisii people and not those of their neighbors.

“Our mandate as elected leaders to fight for the interests of electorates not for neighbors, what the Senator did was wrong,” she further said.

The women MP said that the county stands to benefit from Sh 423 million if the amendments by CRA are approved.

On Building Bridges Initiative, Ong’era differed with Senate Majority whip Irungu Kang’ata who warned that should the bill fail to pass, he shall mobilize other senators affiliated to the Jubilee party to revote against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). He said that there is a need for one man one shilling.

Ong’era said that she has good proposals which will see counties get more resources for development.