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Stop violating women rights Authorities told .

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Gender  activists  and Human right defenders from kisii { photo Brighton Makori/ Gusii star ]

Gender  activists  and Human right defenders in Kisii county have come out  challenging the government agencies to  take action against  perpetrators who assault women in the society. 

Addressing the press on Thursday in Kisii led by Hawa Ali pozu  condemned the ramped incidents where women are assaulted while the perpetrators are walking freely .

Hawa said that it’s unfortunate that women are assaulted ,they report the matter  to the authorities who  are mandated to work  and bring the perpetrators to book  but they end up closing files  in the court.

” we are saddened of the  happenings in the country , recently  in Kisii one of the MCA was assaulted when she was doing her constitutional right , we condemn the act , she had all the papers to persecute  the   person who assaulted her , but it’s sad to informed that the file was closed by DPP”
 ” We are demanding to know why the file was closed and why the perpetrators were not taken to court, if  in the first case  he was taken to court we can not see women being assaulted as we saw it  in Nairobi” said Hawa

she added that it’s wrong to see  women rights being stepped on ,wondering what can be done to the children .

” Does it mean that  Kenyan women has no right to talk ,to present  motions in  the floor of the house and if in any chance they do so they are beaten , attacked and nothing happens” Questioned Hawa

 ” We want to know why most women cases  does not get justice , because today is her and tomorrow will be the other , even it will be to the common Mwananchi  in the village”

At the same time she condemned the Nairobi incident where  police was shown ruthlessly assaulted Member of county assembly within precincts . 

She noted that Kenya is one of the countries which is Guided by the constitution that needs to be respected regardless which position you hold.

” Kindly lets respect women rights  but even men , police brutality is coming to be a menace  it’s our time to speak , when we are  quite it does not mean we are stupid” noted Hawa

Walter Mogunde  who is also Gender activist and Human right defender  said that as the civil society  in Kisii  they have been observing the happenings  in the country more persecution of women which needs attention .

 According  to Mounde , through the 2010 constitution women  had again in the country to be in both houses upper and lower hence  the women in those houses should not be  seen but to raise issues affecting people whom they  represent. 

” Let us give women an opportunity to present their views in the  Assemblies.”Mounde said

 Caren Magara  Kisii county Nominated MCA  who was assaulted has claimed that the county assembly of  Kisii has discriminated against women more so when they ask for their constitutional rights.  

” I was assaulted on 25  of last month when was planning to an amendment in the house ,we as the women we have been discriminated we are not allowed  to air a divergent views , i want to state that its happening  because we have been demanding for our rights as women”

  Esnahs Nyaramba of Young women Democrats  has also added her voice calling  for respect of Women in the society .

 She added that Kisii county has been  discriminating women, an act which needs to come to an end.

” For how long i we going to sit and watch women rights being violated , it’s so saddened to see  a police officer assaulting a woman, the act is
is unacceptable in the society ” she said 

 Esnahs added that the rule of law should be respected  by all Kenyans regardless of the position.
“Let the law be followed in all sides , for justice to be prevailed”