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County, national Government join hands to fight terrorism.

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A section of stakeholders during a Training on the county Action plan against violence Extremism at Mocha Hotel Kisii [Photo Brighton Makori/ Gusii star]

Kisii , 3 rd August 2020 ,…….The recently formed national counter terrorism centre, a directive from the president that saw counties roll out to curb the violent and extremism has since reached Kisii County.

The county security team and other stakeholders came together  to share views on how to curb the menace that has since seen ignored areas like Kisii  being a protective areas for the promoters of the ideology.

Speaking during the two day seminar which has been organized by champion of peace in conjunction with National counter terrorism center supported by Netherlands Government , Kisii county commissioner Stephen Kihara said that meeting brought all stakeholders to access and see the gaps which needs to be addressed.

Mr.  Kihara noted that the meeting brought all Key players both from County level and National Government , civil society including  Bodaboda , Representative from Matatu and Business Community.

 “We have organized this forum to access ourselves and see the gaps where we need to address that’s why we have all security players from sub county” he said

He also pointed out youths as the most vulnerable class and that the national government in cooperation with the county government has since rolled out Kazi mtaani initiative meant to help youths from being idle.

“I thank his Excellency the president for having seen it good to help these youths who are languishing in poverty and as it is now they fall prey to masterminds of violence and extremism even at small numbers”, he said adding that there are no number of youths that can destabilize an area comparing that all the attacked areas in the past have view victims participating.

The commissioner alluded the 3,907 youths who have since continued to do the work they were assigned, according to the provincial administrator with the Covid 19  pandemic  and most youths render jobless and learning institutions closed there was to be a disaster if the government wouldn’t have opted for the Kazi mtaani.

The guest of honour , Kisii county governor  on his speech that was represented by the county secretary Patrick Lumumba said that the financial ideologies placed on the table by the extremists lure most youths to join gangs and groups that later cause mayhem and destroy economy.

Kisii county secretary Patrick Lumumba , representing the Governor during the opening of the workshop.

“These people even employ an attitude of fear, promises of gaining a lot without working hard to gain what is right”, Lumumba stated noting that adopting the nyumba kumi initiative by national government will help a lot in imparting skillful knowledge to the youths and get rid of the violent extremism ideology.

 In the statement he said that with the county action Plan in place, the county can easily deny opportunities for terrorist groups to radicalize and recruit in Kenya.

He challenged all stakeholders to join in the war against violent extremisms for the sake of posterity.

He added that Kisii county Government readily joins hands with the national government to enhance public outreach and awareness on the need to stump out violent extremism from sprouting in the midst

The champions of peace initiative program Director Champion of peace Elly Opondo indicated that fighting extremism and bringing peace needs concerted efforts from all stakeholders to curb the menace in the broader western region and broadly youths giving gratitude to the national Netherlands government and national counter terrorism center.

“am grateful today that I have seen youths engaging in this process, bodaboda operators, students ,national government, county government and nongovernmental organizations to bring peace from the grassroots gradually”, said  Opondo alluding the efforts made by the security teams in fostering peace and tranquility in the larger Kenyan society.

Additional information by Gilbert Kobi .