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Matatu sector on the spot for ignoring guidelines to curb spread of COVID19.

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passenger inside A matatu [photo Gusii star]

 As the Government through the ministry  of health is setting up measures   in the fight  against  Corona-virus, Matatu sector  is on the spot  after being viewed among the weakest links in the spread of the contagion that’s the corona-virus.

This comes after  Matatu operators  flouting coronavirus containment  measures  by carrying    extra passengers unlike  half capacity allowed by the government lack  sanitizers.

 Speaking to Gusii star Abagusii  Meditor Chairperson John Onyiego has accused the Matatu sector for hiking  fares  and lack to observe the guidelines set by the ministry  of  Health and Transport.

 According to Mr. Onyiego  Matatu   has stated working normal , at the same time they overcharge passengers. 

Mr Onyiego note that before Covid 19 from Keroka to Kisii it used to be Ksh 70 but now  double while the matutu carries  more than half as its was directed by the Ministry .

” Its Unfortunately that Matutu sector  in the recipe for the disaster , they have started working  normal, when you try to ask they abuse you ” He said

“The always trick police  by using bodaboda sector when they approach police check points , they always give bodaboda some cents to pass the passengers in the points, I call upon  police to be vigilant and arrest the law breakers, this will make even passengers to fear for being prosecuted  hence we will have sanity  in the sector ” He added

on confirming this one of the senior Police officer who requested not to be named , said that they are trying to curb the menace but kits hard for someone to take it as personal responsibility.

” Sometimes you can arrested law breakers , all chase Matatus who break the law but when anything happens you are told to take personal responsibility ” said the office

The ministry  of  Transport  early announced that that only  matatus that have conformed with the government’s protocols on Covid-19 will be allowed to operate the opposite of what  has been witnessed  in our roads .