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Mongare : Push election to 2024 ,First build the collapsing economy

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Former Nyamira senator Mongare Okongo .

Former Nyamira County Senator and National Liberal Party (NLP) leader Kennedy Mong’are is proposing extension of term of Parliament to 2024 to build the threatened economy.

Mong’are who is a lawyer says that it will be impossible to conduct free and fair elections in 2022 considering the current state of the country.

He said there is need for extension of political terms of office to 2024, to pave way for sufficient time for the economy to heal and have the country ready for a general election.

To achieve this, he hinted on the need for the government to form a broader national coalition that will comprise all the political parties so that the country can fight the Coronavirus pandemic and rebuild the collapsing economy together.

“As things stand now, the economy of Kenya is in bad shape. It has collapsed and this can’t allow the country to conduct elections in 2022.

The Coronavirus pandemic has stalled everything and by the time we recover from the situation it has plunged us, we will not be having a stable economy,” he said.

He noted that hospitality and agriculture which are the major income earners are now at their worst ever.

“How does one even think of an election without a stable economy?” posed Mong’are.

On the formation of a broader coalition government, Mong’are said: “The bigger coalition will fight the pandemic and resuscitate the economy and also fight corruption by ensuring smooth transition thereafter.”

The NLP leader who has since retreated to practice of law in Nairobi City proposes that employees in the new formation of government be put on allowances and not salaries but be fully covered by health insurance.

“We are looking into reviving the economy and so any political appointee should be ready to work on allowances so that a lot of unnecessary spending to be cut,” added Mong’are.

Mong’are also proposes for the merger of the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

This, he said, will form a strong team that will deal with corruption in the country.

He said the recent public ‘fights’ between the two offices was dangerous to the fight against corruption.

” as I weigh in on the desperate voices on the post covid 19 era,envisaged constitutional review,declining economy,youth unemployment,food shortages ,what i wish to propose could be unpopular among political elite and even citizens ,but it calls for boldness,” he said