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Komesha TB program reaches residents , as most fear going Hospitals.

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A nurse attending to Matatu Operators during Komesha TB program [Photo Brighton Makori]

Since first case of COVID 19 was announced in Kenya most Kenyans started to focus on it forgetting other diseases Like TB and other never want to go the the hospital fearing of being tested .

Komesha TB program USAID funded project in faith based facilities has  launched tuberculosis screening for Matatu operators,  Chang’aa den, soapstone areas, market places, herbalists, gold mines and religious places since  they are more vulnerable to be infected.

This comes after one contact got screened and tested for positive for TB and he is resistance to drugs at Nyamarambe bust stage in south Mugirango.

Winfred  Mogusu a program officer said they are doing the screening to all Matatu operators  to ensure they are save and those who will test positive will be put under drugs..

MS Mogusu  said  amid covid 19 people have pulled back going to the hospital for the tests  fearing to test for Covid 19 the reason as to why they have taken the services closer to them no need for them going to the health facilities.

 “Not all cough is for Covid, we have TB, we have Pneumonia, we have a cough for dust and other communicable disease, let no one fear to go to the hospital for medication, “she said.

Ms Mogusu said they are working hand in hand with the faith based facilities the community and opinion leaders and trained medical personnel in different facilities to gain entry in the community.

Opinion leaders are meant to help us gain entry into the community to help them meet the community during public gatherings in order for them do screening to the public and give treatment.

We work in hand with Kenya catholic conference of bishops  with religious leaders  and sensitizing various churches and when churches gain normalcy we can be able to do screeningshe added

Lukas Nyaboga a matatu operator volunteered for testing and asked other matatu operators to turn out in large number for testing.

He asked the community to also come out for testing and if in case one test positive, they will be put under medication and get well completely