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Don’t be Political brokers , warns Omwando.

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Samuel Omwando has called leaders not to use health protocols to pass the BBI report without involving other Kenyans. Photo brighton Makori

Kisii county ODM chairman Samwel Omwando has rebuked political  brokers within the party who are pretending to be reconstituting the party leadership when in essence they are preparing their campaign teams a head of the 2022 general elections.

Speaking at his Kisii residence, Omwando accused governor James Ongwae of sympathizing and scheming with women representative Janet Ong’era who has hit the ground for the 2022 gubernatorial campaigns at the expense of other leaders who have declared interest for the same seat. 

Omwando said that wananchi have a lot of reservations with the two leaders who have false barometers of measuring party political loyalties which led to the party’s dismal performance during the last general elections where they lost all the fourteen parliamentary seats in Kisii and Nyamira counties.

He pointed out that four candidates among them the deputy governor Joash Maangi, Senator Prof.  Sam Ongeri, Dagoreth North Mp Simba  Arati and Ong’era have declared interest for the seat and it will be undemocratic to push those who are not singing to Ong’era’s song out of the party.

Omwando maintained that the party should identify the right gubernatorial candidate through a democratic ODM party nominations instead of leaving the interested candidates to divide the supporters at the grassroots level.

Omwando said that the ODM leadership led by party leaders Raila Odinga have the mandate of electing officials to manage the party affairs and brokers like Ong’era who have made the party unpopular in the Gusii region should be reassessed.

Among the ODM candidates who won tickets but received hostilities in the ballot were Omwando ( Kitutu chache south), Migosi Ogamba ( Kitutu chache north), Chris Bichage ( Nyaribari chache), Ocharo Kebira ( Nyaribari Masaba) John Momanyi ( Bonchari), Jeremiah Matoke ( Bomachoge chache) and Joash Maaga ( Bomachoge Borabu),

” The candidates were fairly strong but were fought by the governor and Ong’era just because of personal differences and they finally lost which is a clear prove that Ong’era should be removed from the party for it to get a resound victory in the next general elections”, Said Omwando.

The former Kisi mayor recalled that during the 2013 general elections, governor Ongwae who was the county ODM secretary stole his party ticket during the party nominations  in favor of Richard Onyonka  but  maintained his party loyalty until the last general elections where there was intervention to have him receive the ODM ticket but despite this, they still; campaigned against him in favor of Onyonka.

He recalled that former senator Chris Obure was removed from the county ODM party leadership after he joined the Jubilee Coalition under president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto and he has also failed victim just because he shared with Ruto who have parted ways with his boss.

But Omwando vowed to forge on with the fight promising to cause a political storm wherever he will join but he is still waiting for the outcome of the party hierarchy because he has not been called for any disciplinary action nor has he seen any circular pertaining to his suspension from the party.

Omwando his sentiments comes barely two weeks after a group of politicians led by Former Kisii speaker Kerosi Ondieki and Kisii county assembly majority leader Timothy Ogugu denounced him as the Chairman.