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Install security rights to curb Insecurity government told.

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The road along Daraja mbili market and Young Women Christian Association ( YWCA) which is dangerous at night,Pastor Isaboke has called upon for the Government to install security rights. [Photo Brighton Makori]

An evangelical Pastor in Kisii County has decried insecurity in Daraja Mbili Estate and appealed to the county and national governments to install security lights in the area to curb it.

Anointed Faith Mission church Mission cleric, Charles Isaboke cited two cases where a girl was defiled and a trader attacked in the area, creating fear and anxiety.

The pastor said the thugs are daring and attacked people even during  daytime, robbed them and fled to a nearby bush and urged security officers to intensify patrols in the area to enhance security in the area.

The girl was sick and heading to hospital at around 3.p.m  when the thug defiled her and fled, prompting passersby to respond to her distress call” said Pastor Isaboke.

He said c stressing youths who abused drugs and illicit brew took advantage of darkness and attacked unsuspecting residents.

The cleric lauded the youths under Kazi mtaani program for opening up the road and urged the county government to Murram it to make it passable during the rainy season.

Our church members are putting Murram on the road but it is not enough. Drainage system should be improved for the road to benefit residents” Isaboke told the press at the site.

Daraja mbili Estate, noted the Clergyman is among the areas with the highest number of people within Kisii Municipality, noting that insecurity had created fear among residents and affected their economic activities.

He appealed to youths to shun abusing bhang and illicit brew and instead form groups, seek public funds from the national and county governments and start small scale businesses to boost their lives.

“ Engaging in crimes is risky.  I challenge youths to engage in economic activities to eke an honest living instead of endangering their lives” noted  Isaboke.