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Donors to fund water project in Gusii.

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By Brighton Makori

Water being an essential commodity, Gusii region is set to benefit after Donors have chipped in aid of enhancing water projects in the the region including Kegati and Keroka.

This comes after African Development Bank ( ADB) has granted Gusii Water and Sanitation company ( Gwasco) Ksh. 126 million to rehabilitate Keroka water project  to enhance water security.

According to the Company’s Managing Director, Hosbon Nanga the funds will be used to foster connectivity, metering and modernize billing to boost the company’s revenue.

Mr Nanga noted that the Company’s has set measures to increase its revenue from Ksh. 120 million per year to Ksh. 250m by the end of June next year to comply with the performance contract officers signed with the water Firm’s Board.

The MD said the Counties and the national government directed water Firms across the county cease billing consumers owing to the outbreak of Covid 19, stressing Kisii and Nyamira counties are cushioning it against the adverse effects of the disease  until it is contained.  

“Following the COVID 19 Pandemic it affected revenues for the water Firms which dropped drastically in March when the pandemic broke out as the   the counties are paying for electricity to avoid disconnections and suffering of consumers” said Nanga.

He said a Task Force, comprising officers from Lake Victoria South Water works Development Agency ( LVSWWDA), Gwasco, the two counties has been formed to source for funds from donors to connect more consumers to Kegati water project, nearing completion.

Water from the project, funded by a German Development bank ( KFW) at a cost of Ksh. 1.2 b will be channeled to Suneka, Kiogoro and Nyamataro areas to benefit more consumers.

The MD asserted the donors will aid the Company increase connectivity, improve billing and digitize metering to enhance the Company’s operations.

He noted the daily demand for water in Kisii town and its environs is 12M litres, adding the Company projects to provide 27m litres daily as per vision 2030 adding that the Company is prepared to connect more consumers to cope with the demand

At the same time he urged residents to report perpetrators for arrest and prosecution, stressing the Company is losing a lot of unmetered water through the illegal connections and vandals who broke water pipes .