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Kisii August 19, 2020 …….Confusion unfolded at South Mugirago constituency when two families sharing similar names, after one couple died. With a difference of 8 hours apart. One from Etago Boige sub-location and another one from Nyamarambe, Marongo location.

The couple who died from Boige had similar names to the one at Nyamarambe.

The deceased, Zakaria ondabu and Teresa moraaa, aged 100 and 70 respectively. They died early july, 2020.

A benevolent association in USA was  put on task  to establish  identity of a beneficiary  whose  parents were reported to have died.

The association from Texas was prompted to dispatch two sets of investigators separately  to South Mugurango to confirm conflicting reports on the deaths of one of their members.

It also sought the services of the local national government security agencies to unravel the death riddle.

It later emerged that it was one couple, Zacharia Ondabu and Teresa Moraa from Boige sublocation,Etago subcounty that had died and not the one with similar names from Marongo location,Nyamarambe sub county.

The deceased and living couples were all advanced in age and were grandparents to two members of the association.

Monica Ondabu,a member of the association had applied for financial  assistance to attend her adoptive parents’ funeral  who passed on July 11 and 12, 2020 respectively at Boige in Etago.

Her request was  suspected  because  the names were similar to the grandparents of another member, Kenfray Ondabu who were alive.

Kenfray Ondabu who was secretary to the association had to travel home and after investigations said, the initial information given had been misrepresented.

Kenfray had to clear the air after some members said that he was the one who was claiming for the benefits on behalf of his grandparents. On his part he had not indicated that he was to benefit from them but instead he indicated his parents and children.

His parents are still young and health. His dad Emmanuel Onyoni 53 years and Jane Kwamboka aged 52 yrs.

Marongo location  chief, Joseph Nyandika ,explained the couple in his area was alive after giving several documentary assurances to the investigators.

His counterpart from Boige sublocation,  also confirmed  detectives from CID had questioned him  over the deaths  of  the couple hailing from his area and availed  copied of  burial permits.

A son to the deceased couple,Charles Ogetii  gave a shocking revelation on the deaths of his parents within a period of two days and  how Monica had been  adopted.