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Duke Mainga Aka Echate Message to CS Matiang’i and community at large.

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Kisii county CEC CEC for Culture, Sports, Youth and Social Services.[photo courtesy ]

Duke Mainga Aka Echate to CS MATIANG’I

Kisii 22 August 2020 It’s taken me a while before I commented anything in regard to politics, more so the local Gusiil and politics. But, because I am a true son of the soil and who has a role to play in shaping up my community, allow me state the following individually as Echate;

Lately I don’t watch news. I simply log into Twitter and other social media platforms to check on the most trending topics. It saves time, electricity, tv subscription fees and promotes the culture of reading as you also get to know the IQs of various people around through their arguments.

It is always a sweet discovery. Try it! Yesterday evening, while resting on my bed and perusing through timelines, something attracted my attention to the living room; ‘my people’ were watching news on the Moi family owned KTN NEWS.

My intention was to witness Sonko openly ask the Interior CS, whom he claims has failed on his duties to resign and go home. That he should come back to Kisii and plant bananas.

Haha, look at who is asking Matiang’i to resign. I didn’t take him seriously and I ain’t going to dwell so much on this. What bothers me most is how we, the Omogusii people sometimes behave and react to issues.

We need to style up and do as others do. ‘Ingosaria tore.’ I had just left my grandma’s funeral earlier on where a certain influential speaker seriously castigated both CS Matiang’i and PS Mochache for the challenges facing Omogusii.

He was talking of how they allowed certain Kisii senior government individuals lose their jobs while they watched. The character who was once a fierce diehard of the latter was speaking from a different angle this time round.

He wanted Matiang’i and Mochache fired. ‘Eti’, these two, aren’t helping Omogusii a thing. He might be having a point, but then, is this the right way to handle our issues? ‘Tokoeanekera ekeoreri igoro, ago rende.’

Now this is my simple observation and advise to you Mr. CS; Personally I look up to you as the current most Supreme leader from our land.

This is a tall duty. You have in the past portrayed the true character of Omogusii; hardworking, firm and resilient. Kudos. Now take this from me; you are being fought and tested from within, the former NASA opponents in which I formed part of had with time evolved to become your true friends, embrace them fully.

How funny politics is, now characters from ‘within’ have been sent to pull you into the dirty game of throwing words and the moment you get annoyed and respond, GAME DONE.

Keep cool and stay focused. Do not give anyone a reason to strike you. Above all, build a strong ground back in your backyard, let the Omogusii in wholesome never be seen to be in a battlefield with you; solidify your base.

This will protect you and Omogusii at large in whatever Government position. This is something you can easily attain through humility. Humility more so while at home.’Naintwe Abagusii ase twabeta, kamoranche, totige obonche, yaani ing’a, onye monto taragokonya aye omonyene, igo tarakora kende. Toigwe buya ekero oyomino agokonywa.

I wish you well Sir, but don’t wait to be reminded that politics is a daily delicacy for Kenyans, you have been at the creme, run with it, intelligently and always, seek wisdom, DO NOT despise anyone, do not discriminate, even the tiniest carry volumes of wisdom.


Mr. Duke Mainga Ondiba – CEC Culture, Sports, Youth and Social Services in Kisii county Government. He holds a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of Nairobi (UoN) and a Bachelors Degree in Education (English & Literature).