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Stop Betraying us nominated MCAs urge colleagues.

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Nominated MCAs led by Hon Risper Onguti,Hon Joyce ombasa,Hon Claire Obino,Hon Irene Mayaka [Nyamira]among others , they have accused their Colleagues for Betrayal [Photo [Brighton Makori]

By Brighton Makori and Maranga Moses.

     KISII AUGUST 22, 2020   ……… Kisii county nominated women  MCAs have accused  their colleagues of  betraying their cause by apologizing to the elected  male  counterparts  alleged to be discriminating them in the assembly.

This comes amid raging acrimony between the  nominated and elected MCAs over non- participation in legislation   and enjoyment of  benefits accruing to  member of county  assembly.

The  county assembly had amended standing orders barring  the 25  nominated MCAs from passing  and voting  on motions.

They were also denied  access to  funds for offices and remuneration of their workers and two members of Kisii county  Assembly  nominated women  MCAs caucus  had been assaulted in the ensuring  stand-off.

The matter had  early attracted the intervention of the High Court in Kisumu ,Commission on Revenue Allocation and Commission on Gender Equality whose pronouncements were yet to be implemented.

Led by  Hon Clare Obino the nominated  MCAs expressed  shock that their  colleagues  would further go to ask for forgiveness instead of demanding  for  their  constitutional rights  and entitlements.

 The nominees  rubbished  their colleagues  Bathsheba Sanaya and Naomi Ronald’  claims   that they  had  gone overboard in  making  their demands ,hence calling for  forgiveness.

They  cited appointment to  assembly committees and lack of numerical strength as a non-issues ,scoffing at  allegations that there was a communication breakdown.

 Speaking to Gusii star the MCAs have petitioned  the county  assembly to   obey  the advisories issued by  the constitutional commissions and the high  court ruling.

Justice Fred Ochieng, sitting in Kisumu, had issued conservatory orders granting the nominated MCAs a right  to vote and pass motions , while the commissions had termed the assembly’s move  ‘constitutional’.

Hon Irene Mayaka from Nyamira county assembly and leader of   the regional caucus, criticized  elected male counterparts  for  saying that   the nominated MCAs should always be ‘submissive’.

Hon Risper Ong’uti condemned the recent  de-whipping of nominated MCAs from  house committees and added, it was shameful for the women leaders to undermine their own

“It shock and shame that our colleagues can go and purport that they have been given seats into the caucus by our elected male counterpart “ said Risper

Its so shameful that our women can be used to bring and take back the gains of women of this country , this is happening after those who have been discriminating us realizing that we are nearly achieving, hence they are trying to dived us , but we will never stop demanding our rights” She said

 This comes after a parallel  leadership, dubed Kisii Assembly  Women Chapter, was elected in the county assembly Bathsheba Sanaya being the chairperson, Hon Naom Ronald as secretary ,Hon Harriet Ongera Treasure among others.