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It’s waste processing plant county insists ,as resident vows to protest.

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A piece of Land brough by the county at Nyatieko to set up waste processing plant , but residents have protested saying that its will a dumpsite. [Photo Brighton makori}

Kisii 27 August 2020 …………..Nyatieko residents led by political leaders have for another tim protested to the Kisii county Government’s plans to establish a dumpsite and cemetery at the area

Led by Engineer Justus Mochoge they said that they are opposed to the project because there was no proper procedure followed .

They added that the land which has been brought by the county government of Kisii for the proposed project is surrounded with schools, church and market .

Just next in the land, is Nyatieko Primary and secondary schools and Nyatieko SDA church,and there is river serving residents downstream and trading center, the the dumpsite will affect all these, further more the county never involved the residents ” Said Eng. Mochoge

According to them they went through the environmental impact Assessment report done by the county government only realizing that the signatures of some residents had been forged to hoodwink NEMA that public participation had been done .

Eng Mochoge petitioned the county to come out clear and avoid the narrative that they are not going to set up a dumping site or cemetery but waste management plant.

“If the county Government is indeed serious that they want to set up waste management plant and not a dumpsite ,we want them to show us an example of a successful waste management plant anywhere in Kenya or East Africa” Said Mochoge

“We want them to show us a successful waste management plant between schools and churches , next to river and surrounding by a village, if Cities like Nairobi and Mombasa do not have one what about Kisii ” he added

Matundura Geoffrey challenged the county leadership to convince them on how they will manage to put up a successful waste management.

They added that they are happy that the county government was able to acquire a piece of land . which will be used to bring development in the area.

” We have been missing public land in our area for different public installations , let now the county use it to set up an Agricultural demonstration center, or technical institute but not dumping site” They said

However Kisii county CEC for lands Vincent sagwe have come in defense of the county by noting that all procedures was followed .

He added that the county is planning to set up a waste Management centre not a dumping site as the residents claim.

” The county intends to set up domestic solid processing plant not dumping site as residents claim , ” Noted Sagwe.

About Public Participation Sagwe said that it will be done in each step ,

According to Sagwe the county is facing challenges of solid waste management from homes , hotels and agricultural sector thats why the county have come up with ways of handling waster unlike dumbing them .

“The county has acquired 14 hectares land at Nyatieko which will be used as waste processing plant” he said