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Mp defends 2010 constitution says BBI will not bring much change .

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Bobasi Mp of parliament Innocent obiri handing over the school bus to Borangi secondary school board of Management on f Friday 28 August 2020 [Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori

Kisii 29 august 2020 Kenya Marking its 10 years since the promulgation of the new constitution , when others want it to be changed while others wants it to implemented .leaders have started giving different opinions.

The recent remarks about the constitution comes from Bobasi MP innocent Obiri who has vowed to stand in parliament and defend the 2010 constitution terming as the best ever in the Kenyan history.

Speaking to his consituents at Borangi Secondary school during the handing over the bus the MP said that people are trying to rewrite it.

“In my view and my stand is that constitution was actually a good one, ” he said.

He asked the leaders to repay the constitution the way it is and try to implement all the provisions with the very progressive constitution.

He noted that they may be a few things that need changes but his stand is let it remain the way it is.

He added that those who are pushing for the changes are the leaders who don’t want to be bound with provision of constitution because they want to do certain changes in constitution for their favour.

The legislature added that the Building Bridges Initiatives BBI has not come out clear, only knowing that when it will come its expected not to have any deviation of the new constitution.

Mr obiri noted that he current constitution is good just needs only implementation but not changing it or tearing it down , calling leaders to shun from unnecessary politics which slowed the country’s progress.

I call upon politicians to shun from divisive politics instead focus in service delivery , and let residents elect leaders according to their merits and those who bring services and development in the country ” Said Obiri

About Covid

He urged the public to take precautions and follow ministry of health guidelines to curb the spread of Covid 19.

According to the legislature the facilities are not up to date, hence it’s the public responsibility to take precautions and follow the government guidelines.