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Stop forcing residents to accept the Dumping site County told

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By Our Reporter .

Kisii 1 Sep 2020 ………...Leaders and residents of Kitutu chache south have demanded the county Government to stop forcing Nyatieko residents to accept the Dumping site at the area.

This comes after residents who planned to do peace demonstration on Monday turned chaotic after a group of people chased them before even they assembled.

According to leaders who spoke to Gusii star, said residents of the area deserved ‘better projects’ than a dumping site which will be pose health hazards to them and called on the administration to get land elsewhere.

Kitutu chache member of Parliament Richard Momoima has appealed to the county Government to suspend the activity, engage leadership of the area to discuss and have amicable solutions.

The legislature added that there was no explanations from the county Government why they chose Nyatieko , noting that if the county has already brought land let it be used for other development projects.

According to Momoima the County has failed to show up where in the country there is a dumping site which has no negative impacts to the surroundings.

‘ I call upon the Governor to stop the exercise since there was no conclusion , residents did not agree during the second public hearing, let him engage us and discuss it so that we can have amicable solutions and know where the garbage can go” Said Mp Momoima

” If i say yes and the residents says no , it will remain no” He added

Samwel Omwando also accused the county for forcing residents to accept what they don’t want when there is lack of public participation.

Its not acceptable for the county Government to use force forcing residents to accept what they don’t want, its wrong for them to use force and even injure residents who where allowed constitutional to have peace demonstration” said Omwando

I call upon the Government not to do partial development and employment, let them be fair , Nyatieko needs better schools, Health Facilities not garbage centre” He added

Mr Omwando noted that it will be unfair for the county to collect wastes from 45 wards within Kisii county and dump it at Nyatieko.

Am advising the management of Ongwae to look for money and urge Members of county assembly to identify land in their respective wards to have its own garbage collection center” advised Omwando

During the morning scuff protestants were injured including Engineer Justus Mochoge who have vowed to continue opposing the project.

Its Very sad when someone sends people to attack us , they injured me but we will not allow the project to continue ” He said

Even some of the journalist were injured by some people who were sent to encounter the demo.

Early the county has been defending its self through CEC for Lands Vincent sagwe that they followed all procedures.