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Artist moves to online launch due to Covid pandemic.

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Gusii star .

Kisii 4th September 2020 …………..Unlike normal days before Covid 19 Pandemic , we used to have parties , launch of music album and many activities attended by many people.

Now things have turned opposite forcing Musician to launch their albums Via social media platforms.

Jimmy Nyakundi aka Smallzlethal Kisii rapper King has not left behind to launch is new Video song tonight as from 6pM to Midnight of his new album titled ” leaders today’ which will be dropped in 23 October 2020.

Speaking to Gusii star Jimmy Nyakundi aka Smallzlethal Kisii rapper King said that he is asocial political rapper who represents the society to see positives and negative which can make our leaders to be at awake.

He also noted that he has a youth group calls Kisii rappers Kings which deals with talents of youths, Like football club , Car wash

About his new song “Tumakubali” which will launch tonight , is a song about youths who help youths.

He appeals to those will support the artists so that they can showcase their talents through music. He hailed Mr Okengo Nyambane who have satrted supporting the youths and artist in general.

Smallzlethal Kisii rapper King added that he will continue to speak about evils and positives in the society ,urging other artists to speak up so that they can open up since they are representatives who can not be heard in society.

About his song ” ‘I’m Offended’ which made him to be arrested some months ago , he noted that he is happy following many positive things which have been done within the county after the hit of the song.

In the song ,’I Offended’ I talk about Roads, markets and many other issues , my happiness is after the release of the song there is positive impact in the society”

To upcoming artists he told them no to shy from speaking their mind since when one goes silent over the issues , its when one starts to die.

” Upcoming artist never be afraid to speak your mind ,because when you go silent about the matters is when you start to die, let us speak not necessary negative bu even positive ,” he added

About Unity Kisii artists.

Jimmy Nyakundi aka Smallzlethal Kisii rapper King has called all artists to shun their differences and work together which will help them to move together.

Let us have platforms which will help us to move in the music industry where society recognizes them.

The artists insists that there is nothing much the county has done to the youths, artists like the sports academy , and many unfulfilled promise.

” Where is Talent academy , Sports centers that we were promised and now we are remaining with two years to the next election