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Ruto will be in Kisii as early planned says leaders.

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Kisii  10  September 2020. ……..Leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto from Kisii county have warned upon those who wants to disrupt the organized meeting .
 Addressing the press  as they are waiting for the chief guest,  they  called upon  their supports to be vigilant since there are some people who wants to disrupt the meeting.
 Led by Kisii county Deputy Governor Joash Maangi they have noted that  Deputy President willliam ruto will  be in  Kisii  as early planned . ” We are waiting for our chief guest who is none than the deputy President Willam Ruto,”said the DG
South Mugirango Member of parliament slyvanus  Osoro  has called for calm .
 ” we have organized fundraise to help our people,  why do people start opposing it, let them plan for their own meetings ” he said 
According to Mp osoro  they are  going to do our meeting  as early planned. Former  Kisii women representative Sarah Otara has called upon residents to shun from leaders who are against development. 
Samuel Omwando Kisii politician has called upon leaders who have turned to be chaotic in the region.
” We are wondering why our leaders have turned to be chaotic,  we call them to shut from what they doing , let them left  agood legacy to our people ” he said