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Doctors vows to down their tools, as county says they are working upon raised issues .

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Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union Nyanza Region Secretary General Dr Lameck Omweri addresing the press on Monday [Photo Brighton Makori]

Gusii star.

Nyamira 14 September 2020 ………… County Government of Nyamira has been accused for failing to implement the Collective Bargaining Agreement of Doctors, making them to down their tools.

According to those who spoke to Gusii star on Monday, they said that the County has failed to promote them since 2016.

Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union Nyanza Region Secretary General Dr Lameck Omweri accused the County Administration for failing to implement the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Dr Omweri said that they have decided to take action to down their tools after unfulfilled promises for having several meetings with the Nyamira County Government over the welfare of Doctors .

“We have met with the County health executives countless times regarding these issues payment but it appears nobody is ready to take responsibility ,” said Omweri.

“We have decided to inform that all the 60 doctors in Nyamira County will not be reporting to work until the county administration addresses our concerns to ensure that they are comfortable as they offer the essential services to members of the public,” Noted Dr Omweri.

Dr Omweri added that the county is currently facing a shortage of consultants since  new ones have not been employed terming it as a clear indicator that health services were not given a priority by the County Government leadership.

He also noted that most doctors in the county had been given wrong job groups compared to their colleagues in other parts of the country.

They have appealed on Governor John Nyagarama to urgently address the welfare of the doctors to ensure that the health sector does not collapse.

Nyamira CEC for Health Douglas Bosire on his side said that the county Government of Nyamira Under the leadership of Governor John Nyagarama they are working upon the issues raised, noting that already they have given 27 letters of promotions.

Mr Bosire added that those Doctors who are not in Common establishment program have also done interviews waiting for letters which will be out on Wednesday .

” We are working on the program,our officers as the county are always open and we allow complains if there is any” Said CEC Bosire.

” We are on implementing the CBO , we have the committee in place which is working on with the progress of the CBO , they always sit after three months, we have not received any complain from the committee that it has failed in implementation, ” He noted

” Promotion is continuous progress, want to inform Doctors that the county is working tirelessly to ensure that all programs are achieved” Said Bosire .