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Chief accused for child trafficking as family seeks justice .

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Ogato Mokaya and Milka Moraa ogato family with their children at their home in Nyang'ening'eni village Kemera ward , they are looking for justice after their grandchildren where allegedly sold by assistance chief (photo Brighton Makori )

By Gusii star team

Nyamira 16 September 2016………..A family from Nyang’eneng’eni Village, Irianyi Sublocation , Kemera location  in Nyamira county  is appealing to security agencies to help  them to trace  their grand children who  was  allegedly  sold to  unknown people by  the  assistance chief.

 According to the family Members who spoke to Gusii Star on Wednesday at their home, they said the matter was reported at Manga police station and children offices two years ago but nothing so far has been done.

 David Ogato  who is  grandfather to the lost baby noted that   his grandson was taken away  by the assistant  chief   who  come three days after the baby was born , only to inform them that  following the poor background of the family and the mother being mental ill  ,  he was to take the child  to the  nursery where the government was to take  full responsibility .

Ogato disclosed that after realizing that the assistance chief had tricked them and took the newborn baby together with her elder sister who he promised to educate her, they decided to visit the chief at his home.

 “I have a daughter who is physically challenged, she delivered a baby and after that the area assistance chief took the imitative of taking the children claiming that the government was to take full responsibility , but later we discovered that the  assistance chief had  a plan to sell out grandson “ He said

“ The assistance chief visited my  home,  he decided to take the baby  together with her sister who by then  had  done Kenya Certificate of Primary school (KCPE )exams and was likely to join form one , who  later was chased after  by the  after allegedly sold the baby” Added Ogato

Ogato continues to say that after realizing that the assistance chief has not taken the child to nursery they visited his home accompanied by his wife Milkah Moraa only   getting some visitors whom they suspect took their grandchildren.

After realizing that our grand children was not taken to the nursery by the  assistance chief , we visited him at his home , where we met some  ladies whom we suspect  took our grandson, we come to  know   all this   some weeks  later after  our grandchild who was mistreated   and chased away by the assistance chief who never took her to school and after accomplishing  the deal ”  they added

 Morren Kemunto said that he went to the assistance chiefs  place and stayed there with  her young brother who she said that were sold to some ladies .

 “ I stayed at the chief place  with my  younger brother , after the assistance chief sold the baby , they started mistreating me, after than I went back to my grandparents and since my mother is mental ill I decided to get married without
 she said

 Gusii star has established that the matter was reported at Manga Police station under  OB 12/05/07/2019  19/23/07/2019 12/21/06/2020 and the matter is still under investigating  a clear indication that the family has been following the matter keenly hoping  to get  justice .

Dismas Onyancha uncle to the lost child said that they have been visiting Manga Police station severally  but have not received any communication concerning the matter .

“ even if we are poor we don’t expect to be mistreated ,of course my sister is sick but that does not mean that we cannot take care to her children,  we need justice , whoever  was behind   this should be arrested and prosecuted” He said

Rigena Human rights chairperson Thomson Osora has called  for  agencies to work with speed to ensure the family gets justice.

“Its unrespectable for someone to use an  opportunity of  poor backgrounds to mistreat them in society , as Human rights we cannot advocate for  that, we need justice for the family,” Said  Osoro

 For the point of reply we tried to call the chief who said that he will never listen to such matters.

 “Those are matters I cannot listen to “said Assistance chief through a phone call  noting  that the matter is in court.