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CJ Maraga’s advisory was ill timed, says M.P Momanyi.

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Borabu M.P Ben Momanyi. By Dan Nyamanga)

By Dan Nyamanga.

Nyamira 24 September 2020………….Borabu Constituency Member of Parliament (M.P) Ben Momanyi has termed the Chief Justice (CJ) David Maraga’s advisory to President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament over failure to enact the 2/3 gender rule as impractical and unfair to the Kenyan people.

While speaking in his Constituency Thursday, the M.P noted that the country is facing challenges following Corona virus pandemic and the economy dwindle which has left the country unstable even its unable to sponsor an election.

He asked him (CJ) to be considerate of  matters of public interest.
“Its unfair to subject the whole country into a general election at this time when we have been hit by the Corona pandemic. 
The economy already is on its knees because for the last seven months,the country has been struggling to contain the disease by all means.The economy,as it stands, can not finance a general election”, said Momanyi. 

The second term M.P said that the situation, if the advisory is implemented,  could make things worse and many legislators were likely to lose their seats. 

“The ‘culture’ at the  assemblies is that in an election, over 85% of leaders never make it back to their respective houses, the MPs and senators are already fearing that they may  not make it back should the President heed to the advisory”, he added

Momanyi said the CJ made a move, though legal, that could throw the country into a constitutional crisis which if not handled correctly could break the country.

Meanwhile,the Law society of Kenya has written to the treasury not to remit any allowances or salaries to  members of the natonal assembly and Senate from 12th of October terming their stay in office from then ‘unlawful’.
The M.P was speaking in Nyansiongo CDF offices where he issued out cheques worth 15 million to schools and other government institutions. 

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