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Farmers ,residents advised to take advantage of the upcoming rainfall.

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Kisii County Director of Fisheries, Edwin Muga [photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori …………

Kisii 24 September 2020.…….Kisii County Director of Fisheries, Edwin Muga has appealed to fish farmers to harvest fish before November to avoid losses due to flash floods.

The Officer noted County Director of Meteorology, Henry Sese had forecast the area will receive average and below average rainfall from October to December and urged the farmers to be prepared.

He implored the farmers to increase the height of dykes on the fish ponds to mitigate the impact of the expected floods.

“Flash floods will sweep fish from the ponds and we want our farmers to take measures to curb such loses” Muga told the press in Kisii town.

He appealed to the farmers not to wait for the stress period before they harvest fish, adding the stress hampered the growth of fish and affected their earnings.

The Director noted it was necessary for the farmers to harvest fish prematurely during depressed rainfall and restock during high rain season.

“ I urge farmers to buy monosex fingerlings and catfish from reputable hatcheries to be assured of high production and incomes” , noted Muga.

Sese said areas of Nyamasibi, Masimba, Kiamokama, Gesusu in Nyaribari Masaba, Bogetaorio and Bomachoge Borabu areas will experience below average rainfall 350 millimeters to 450 mm of rainfall compared to 400 mm previously.

He said the rainfall will affect health, agriculture, Transport and Energy Sectors and urged the county government to take measures to curb adverse effects of the harsh weather.

“ We expect an outbreak of water borne diseases, power blackouts, accidents and soil erosion. I urge the County to sensitize members of the public to be prepared” noted Sese.

County Director of Agriculture, Nathan Soire said tea and horticulture yields will reduce owing to the inadequate rainfall in some parts of Nyaribari Chache and Bobasi constituencies though not significantly.

He appealed to farmers to conserve the soil and water to curb erosion of fertile soil, which, he noted could lead to low production of crops in the area.