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who is fueling Kisii contractors’ Divisions.

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A section of Kisii county Contractors during a meeting at one of the hotels. [Photo Courtesy]

By Gilbert Kobi

Kisii 24 September 2020 ……….Strange differences have emerged in kisii county contractors association after the earlier united group got scattered recently over management.

Formed a decade ago the association has seen tremendous steps being made but over and over again there comes foreign character that has been orchestrating for it being run down.

Of recent is the take over management of drama of one faction led by former chairman Kennedy Mariera and Secretary Hoffman Ondieki to be the chairman and secretary general taking over from another faction led by Wilfred Bosire.

While it should be understood that the former chairman Kennedy Mariera handed over the mantle of chairmanship to Bosire in a function that was graced by contractors with Hoffman Ondieki being handed a secretary general’s post ,kisii resident are yet to understand why there is this sharp difference all over sudden.

According to Hoffman the current interim chairman Wilfred Bosire was illegally in office citing the constitution that was laid down a decade ago.

as I speak to you now its ken Mariera who is the de-facto chairman of contractors in kisii not Bosire because we are yet  to have elections and have new team as the constitution states”, said Hoffman adding that until that is done he and Mariera are official office holders.

When the so called take-over coup was done, a group of over fifty county contractors’ members led by Wilfred Bosire declared the Mariera, Hoffman as illegal to have conducted any business on behalf of the association.

“We’ve had that some ten people purporting to be contractors claiming to have taken over the association while their legitimacy on contractual formation is in question”, poised Bosire who said that they are not contractors but brokers who have messed up other contractors.

Bosire further claimed that there are two county officials who have been colliding with the other group to ensure that they benefit from the office they work in citing conflict of interest from the said members whom they claimed to have funded the take-over coup at a tune of ksh.200000.

We’ll come and embarrass you in your offices if you continue frustrating contractors with your attitude of favoring conmen’s to have swindled money from poor contractors that you offer them a chance to work”, said charged Bosire urging the county boss relook at his servants who are contractors at the same time and fire them to join construction world.

The contractor who sorts enormity said that there are forces from the executive to bring division in the kisii contractors association so that as county money comes a divide and rule syndrome should have worked to those lords and majorly to their selfish interests.

“I can attest to this that there are forces from above to have this confusion so that a soft landing character could be found to frustrate other contractors along their line of interests because many members have not been paid their debts and money is on the way”, stated the member asking why they are being divided this time and not previously.