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Don’t wait for silver plate ,stand and vie for political seats Women advised.

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Rael Otundo a dressing the press in her office. [photo courtesy]

By Gilbert Kobi.

Kisii 1 October 2020…………. Women folk from kisii county have been called upon to stand up mostly on political and head of parastatals arena and fight for their space.

Speaking in Kisii town gubernatorial aspirant for kisii county Rael Otundo has said that women have been pushed to the fence for a long time and it’s now time for them to wake up.

“We have voted so severally for men and with humility I want to ask men to also give back as a sign of gratitude and we’ll appreciate”, she said adding that it will be prudent if they are also considered with men on level grounds.

Rael has been seeking her political mandate several as a member of parliament of parliament for nyaribari chache in vain as men have been dominating the political fields in gusii region.

“Male chauvinism is real and if don’t believe me look at gusii region where no woman has ever been elected to national parliament despite them trying only to be nominated as an appreciation”, posed rael citing the tradition and cultural attitudes that have eroded democracy.

She called on women not to wait for nominations as that will be like a gift to them and instead stand and battle it out with men for people have realized there is much women leaders can offer as mothers in uplifting the community.

Otundo further urged political parties to embrace and have faith in women leaders for they can deliver much that has been confirmed done well from women.

Rael Otundo has now considered running for governorship taking the assurance of youths and women as her surety for her candidature and posterity for all in Kisii County arguing that Nyaribari clan is to watch if anything is to go by in 2022 gubernatorial race.