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Suicide rates in a rise as NGO sets measures to sensitize the community.

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International solidarity Foundation advocacy officer Joel Machuka with Bro. Francis Lucis and Luciano Chepkoech cutting a a cake during Muungano Gender forum [Photo Brighton Makori ]

By Brighton Makori.

Kisii 1 October 2020 ………..As we continue to observe the World Suicide Prevention Month, Non governmental organization have continues to sensitize residents that Suicide is preventable by encouraging them to be kind to each and brothers keep by provide lasting solutions to the menace.

In Kisii and Nyamira counties Mungano gender forum under the umbrella of International solidarity foundation held a meeting at St Vincent on Wednesday they discussed that there is need of providing early education on mental health, remove barriers to therapy, being kind to each other & encouraging people to reach out when they’re suicidal.

Led by Joel Machuka advocacy officer International solidarity Foundation said that it has emerged that there is a rise of suicide cases in the region which needs an urgent address .

According to Mr. Machuka many people are facing a lot of challenges something leading to wrong judgement ending to commit suicide,others engage in alcoholism ending to have no any supportive mechanisms.

Therefore Machuka has called upon people to be close to each other ,more so when there is suspicion, this will help one to know that he/ she is not the only person facing challenges .

One should be advisable to look guidance and counseling from elderly and from the church officials.

He also appealed to the Government to review and change suicide cases from being criminal offense to social problem which needs to be addressed not only through law but through investing in counseling.

Bro. Francis Lucis who was among the panelist in the forum said that lack of accessible & affordable therapy, community individuality & suicide stigma are among the many factors leading to suicide.

Bro Francis added we all have a role to play to reduce the Mental Health challenges in our societies.

Luciano Chepkoech also panelist said that people are in a lot of pain in our society who needs help, listened and even needs guidance and counseling.

According to Luciona suicide is preventable disease which needs combined efforts from parents, Teachers and the community at large, adding that its time people should talk about suicide so that people get to know that there is aspects related to prevention.

” Its high time we need to come out and talk about Suicide , its mot to late to help anyone who is anticipating or attempting to do suicide ,its also good to know that as much as is is caused by several aspects , we should know that there is also they way of getting out of it, ” Said Luciona