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Kitutu is after three seats if you can’t put your house in order says Momoima.

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Kitutu chache south MP Richard Onyoka .

Kisii 2 October 2020…………….Kitutu chache member of parliament Richard Momoima has called Politicians , residents to be tolerant to whoever visitors Gusii region and allow them sell their ideologies.

According to Onyoka who was speaking at Nyabururu during funeral services of the late Kwamboka Mboga ,he said that it high time for Kenyans to embrace love to each other .

” We can disagree with ideologies but it does not grant us to go to a war, let us embrace each other ” he said

” Whatever it take let us make sure we respect and love each other , let us allow anyone who is looking for any elective seats come and campaign . we don’t want to take our country old days”Onyoka said.

At the same time he challenged and reminded those who are vying for Kisii Gubernatorial seat to be aware that Kitutu chache are after three seats in the coming general election , Gubernatorial , Deputy governor and Speaker.

” I have been telling Dg Maangi that Kitutu we want three seats , you just come to Kitutu and talk to us, you never know what will happen , but if you continue fighting in your areas as it has been seen in other place , the son of Onyoka will rise and go on” He said