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Embrace women leadership in Gusii community, electorate urged.

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Sons of Mama O45 led by Daudi Abuya addressing the press on Saturday at Kisii town , they have vowed to support Women leadership in the county. [Photo Brighton Makori ]

By  Brighton   Makori.

Kisii 4 Oct 2020 ………………… The Gusii community and the country at large has been called to embrace Women leadership to avoid being   in a  scenario where parliament needs to be dissolved for   failing to implement  two third gender rule.

A lobby group from Kisii county titled Sons of Mama 045 have  noted with concern that the community has been lagging behind in terms of embracing Women Leadership  hence failure to elect them into different political offices.

 Led by Daudi  Abuya, chairperson to the group , they ask the community to start giving equal  political space to women so  that they can be elected to various  positions   , the factor which will  help the country from getting into a scenario  which  calls for  dissolving parliament.

 Mr Abuya added that Chief Justice  David  Maraga’s advisory to the president to dissolve parliament  for failure to meet the two thirds gender rule to be a wakening  call  for   Omogusii  .

“This group of young people we are passionately about women  leadership in our community, for  every long time omogusii community  have looked down upon women in terms of elective positions , let us embrace women leadership and give them equal opportunity” noted Abuya adding that world over , women who that have been entrusted with power they have really dedicated themselves towards transformative leadership.

 At the same time they challenged women to come out and compete with Men after it emerged most of the women shy from competing   with men in elective posts. 

  We call them to come out and vie for elective posts so that   they can get an equal opportunity of being elected to parliament , it’s possible that women can be elected to any elective post,” says Obuya noting that the ratio of women who compete against men in elective politics is 1:10 .

Polycarp  Maroko organizing secretary welcomed the chairman’s sentiments  adding that it is time for civilization to take root and it’s time to follow the constitution on gender equality  and it’s high time for the women to come out and vie from elective seats.

 “It has been hard for the implementation of the constitution to implement   two thirds gender rule  when women are not taking part on elective positions, we are calling  them to take the opportunity that civilization is upon us and also take  chance of elective positions,” says   Maroko

They also said that it’s high time the community should start electing leaders based on their Manifesto and stop promoting gender discrimination.

 The Gusii community has never elected women in any elective post   the introduction of the new c constitution   which introduced  women representative seats.

It has emerged that Female aspirants in Kisii County, the age-old obstacle of patriarchy, skewed party nominations and lack of finances it continues to hamper their quest to ascend to power during elections .