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Family happy after their Crippled child walk again

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some of the wheelchairs.

             BY. MARANGA MOSES

October 7, 2020 ………Children crippled children from Kisii county  have started to walk again courtesy of a medical therapy by  African Inland Church Cure International Hospital.

The Kijabe based health facility continued to breathe a  new chapter  of life to children with bowed,knocked and  club shaped limbs born with the conditions.

Children with severe burns and spine complications and  are also attended to by the hospital’s  bone and skin specialists at minimal costs.

The rider in the rehabilitation procedures is that children should be teenagers or adults  with  the conditions lest it attracts specialized surgery and enhanced medical bills.

Parents whose children had been condemned to the disability thanked the hospital for saving them from psychological and financial challenges.

James Nyangaresi explained his one year old  grand daughter  continued with the therapy on a six months basis and was on her way to recovery.

The mother to the infant Silvia Basweti  said her hope had been rekindled  upon witnessing the tremendous improvement of her child’s condition.

She had been  referred from Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital to the health facility.

A bone specialist at the hospital Simon Oira described the child’s  condition as ‘’acquired’’ whose cause was not known.

According to him,the therapy involved in manipulation and not surgical procedures as done to adults and that National Hospital Insurance Fund cover,the treatment was affordable.

Lydiah Nyanchama,mother to a seven year daughter decried  social  stigma she was initially subjected to before being  referred to the hospital from KTRH.

 One of her  limbs  had already been  corrected awaiting the next one  amid financial constraints in her medication.

AIC Rev. Victor Mose urged parents with children who had the conditions to present them for assistance and follow instructs given by medics while under treatment